Book Review: Practically Green by Micaela Preston

Run out and buy this book.  Really, that is this review in a nutshell.

I’ve been friendly with Micaela Preston, author of the fantastic Mindful Momma blog, for awhile in the blogosphere.  And when I heard she had written a book about green living, I wanted to check it out.

I was completely blown away about what I received.  Practically Green is the book I wish I so desperately had when I became a parent (and before that, for that matter).  Like many parents to be, I became more motivated to live as green and chemical free when I became pregnant.  And this book shares information that I had to find in a million different sources before.  But the mountains of text I had to search through?  Micaela takes all that and sizes it down into easily digestible chunks and usable, clear guides.

Topics such as:

*How to shop green and local on a budget

*Safer produce, seafood guides

*Where to find sustainable home goods

*Safer and green food storage

*How to make and find safer toys

*Cleaning and body care product ingredients to avoid charts

*Guide to eco-fashion for the whole family

*Recycling and Conservation guides

And that is really the tip of the iceberg.  Honestly, what I love most about this book is the inspired do it yourself projects and recipes.  I really don’t like eating breakfast– but I do love energy bars at about 9am and feel guilty because of the unsustainable wrappers they come in.  Then– in comes Micaela with a recipes for granola or energy bars, no wrapper required!  And crackers, god do I love them, but we buy and eat WAY too many.  She shares a recipe for how to make your own that I want to try.  If my cracker jones is so severe, I will actually have to cook them!  Micaela encourages us to make snacks and food for our families that is not packaged– and she explains how to do it.

And I am no crafter, but I am inspired by all the ways she encourages us to create lovely items with very little.  This book holds recipes for lotions, lip balm, baby wipes, baby gifts, green cleaners, and how to make baby toys, hats, reusable napkins, and plastic bag holders.

Also, throughout the book there are multiple resources in each section.  You’ll find websites for more information, and green products and companies that she recommends.  The resources section alone is hugely valuable in and of itself!

Truly, this is a great book to get started with, or to develop certain areas of greeness that you hadn’t considered before. Thanks to Micaela for putting all of this information and goodness into one book in such a lovely readable format.  This book is made for tired, sleep deprived parents like myself who want to find good, usable  information in one place, and want to live a greener, safer life with their families.

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