Breastfeed Wherever You Are, Mamas! (with inspiration from Holistic Moms)

Check out this inspirational video from Holistic Moms.  They were motivated to call for photos of their members breastfeeding by an article in the Herald Sun (Australia) reporting that young women are reluctant to breastfeed their babies due to fear of public embarrassment.

‘Breastfeeding is one of the greatest gifts a mother can give to her child,’ says Executive Director Nancy Massotto, Ph.D. ‘Nursing offers babies enormous health benefits – physically, psychologically, emotionally, and sustainably for the planet. We want young women to embrace a culture of breastfeeding and to become informed about the benefits for moms, for children, and for the planet.’

I couldn’t agree more!  I love the photos from all over the world, and it brought back sweet memories of nursing my two little girls while hiking, on a plane, in restaurants and museums.  Nursing mamas, in a blink, it will be over!  Embrace this phase of your life and don’t be embarrassed to nurse in public.  It is your right, and will be inspiring to mothers around you that might feel discouraged by family members or spouses.  I join the Holistic Moms in supporting and encouraging women to breastfeed their babies,  no matter where they are!

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