Disney, stop selling toxic lunch boxes!

(Here is a new online petition started by my friend, fellow activist and blogger, Lori Aper. She isn’t waiting for the much needed Safer Chemicals Act. She’s taking it right to the manufacturers to demand they take out toxic chemicals out of products for kids. Go, Lori!  Thanks for starting this. Please add your name to this petition.)

Parents across the country are signing a petition on Change.org asking Disney to stop selling “toxic lunch boxes” containing chemicals known as phthalates, which have reportedly been linked to serious health problems like asthma, ADHD, and diabetes.

Lori Alper, a mother of three school-aged boys from Bedford, Massachusetts, launched the Change.org petition on Friday after a recent study of school supplies by the Center for Health, Environment & Justice found lunch boxes that contained up to 30 times the amount of phthalates deemed safe for toys by the federal government. Disney character lunch boxes were some of the worst offenders.

“Like millions of kids out there, my three boys eat out of lunchboxes,” said Alper. “But what most parents don’t realize is that lunchboxes made by Disney may be toxic to growing kids with developing immune systems. That’s why I started a campaign on Change.org asking Disney to make sure its lunchboxes are safe for my boys and other children.”

“Parents like me want to know that when they pack lunch every morning, they’re not putting their kids’ health in jeopardy,” Alper added. “It’s simple: these toxic lunch boxes aren’t safe for children, and Disney needs to take responsibility.”

Phthalates are tightly regulated in toys, but lunch boxes aren’t technically considered toys, a loophole Alper says companies like Disney are able to exploit. The corporation has yet to respond to Alper’s Change.org petition.

“Their lunchboxes are covered with beloved characters – like iconic princesses and Spiderman, a character my boys love – but could be shedding toxic chemicals that put my kids at risk,” Alper said. “While Congress works on long-term solutions like the Safe Chemicals Act, corporations like Disney have a responsibility to keep our kids safe now.”

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