Eco-Friendly Back to School 2010: Green Backpacks, Lunches, and Gear!

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I know August will fly by, and before I know it, my oldest will be off to kindergarten.  School– everyday, basically for the rest of her life!  How did this happen?  Sigh.

My youngest will head off to pre-school as well.  With both kids going in different directions, we needed some new eco-friendly back to school gear.


I just bought my youngest an ecogear backpack.  She chose the pink pig (so cute!) and was so excited.  We already have the puppy dog for my oldest.  They both are from the Ecozoo line.  These packs fit preschoolers and kindergartners perfectly.  They are:

• Toxic-free

• PVC-free

• Chlorine-free

• No dioxin, phthalates or heavy metals

• Carries no ozone-depleting chemicals

• Clean to recycle—creates natural occurring emissions when burned

• Safe in manufacturing and consumer use

Full disclosure:  these packs are made in China.  I saw this on the tag after I ordered it– I did not find this information on the website (it might have impacted my decision to buy it). I could not find a nice, U.S. made, eco-friendly backpack for them.  Mama-Entrepreneurs?

Waste Free Lunches

If you need a waste free lunch kit, here are two great options:

Kids Konserve has sweet little lunch kits that include everything you need to send your child off to school with all toxin free, safe and green food storage.  They are running an anniversary sale right now and are offering a waste free lunch kit for $30.

Citizen Pip is also a favorite.  They have lovely lunch kits and you can pick different ones based on what you need or might be packing.  They also offer colorful insulated lunch boxes– a nice colorful alternative to the vinyl or plastic ones from the box-marts that contain evil toxins while advertising some cartoon/movie.

I have a few lunch kits, but of course am missing some parts.  I also want to have a few more of each item so I don’t have to clean and search for them every night (la–zy!).  I ordered some nice sandwich and snack taxis over at MightyNest, as well as some more food storage containers from Lunchbots.  I just noticed they have some really cute lunch bags at MightyNest as well that would be great to use if you had some of your own storage containers already.  All items here are toxin free– no PVC, lead, or other yucky stuff.

With a small investment you can send your child off to school with a no waste lunch kit– you will feel better about your daily impact, and your child will learn a valuable lesson about lessening waste.

What are your favorites for eco-friendly back to school gear? Or are you resisting it all in a nod to saying NO! to the marketing woo-ha that is back to school season?

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