Eco-Friendly Back to School 2011: MightyNest Giveaway, Non-Toxic Nap Mat, Little Pickle Press and Naked Binder

It’s that time of year.  I’ve been officially avoiding a back to school post until it is upon me…as in, tomorrow!

I begin my time with some professional development and inservice days starting tomorrow.  In that light, I offer some tips for heading back to school in an eco-friendly and green way to start the school year off right.

*Check out this back to school giveaway from our friends at MightyNest!  They selected all sorts of toxin free back to school goodies such as Snack Taxis, Lunchbot containers, and a snazzy reusable lunch sack from Kids Konserve.  Enter quick!  This ends August 25th.

*Pay $15 and get $30 at Little Pickle Press which features award-winning educational books, bags and gifts.  Lots of eco-friendly back to school items here.  Sale until August 30th.
*Need a toxin free nap mat for your child’s preschool?  Check this out from Sewn Natural.

*Non-Toxic Kids’ Eco-friendly Back to School Guide from last year, featuring Eco-gear backpacks, and waste free lunch kits.

*Naked Binders.  Regular binders are so wasteful!  So much plastic (and awful vinyl), and they get old and unusable quick, and end up in our landfills (if you are me, piled up in a corner of the classroom). In steps Naked Binder to solve the problem.  Their binders:

“….are made from 100% recycled board (97% PCW) and are 100% recyclable. They come in options of color spine wraps (9 colors), purely naked, or dressed up. The common binder is now sustainable, non toxic, if you are going to have a product that lasts- it should look good!

Recycled and recyclable, strong as a bull and 130 choices to math your mood, class list or decor, these are the perfect binder for students or educators who care. Plus, they are priced the same as most vinyl and last much much longer even without duct tape. Teachers can also take advantage of the educational discounts that runs all year.”

Did you hear that?  Recyclable? I could sing it down the halls.  Love it! You can find Naked Binders and folders here.

Have a wonderful start of the school year.  Please post your thoughts and ideas about going back to school in an eco-friendly and green way.

image:  by tncountryfan on Flickr

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