Green Moms Carnival: Inspirational Green Resolutions for 2010!

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The Green Moms rock for inspiration– and this month they’ve got a lot to share in the green resolutions department.  I mean, these are savvy women who make goals, and work their butts off until they accomplish them (unless you are me, and the resolution is eating less cheese–).

Like Heather over at Ecomom. She’s got an inspirational post about saving money (it’s not boring, I promise!) with good resources and ideas for saving the green stuff.

And this post from Lisa at Condo Blues.  She’s truly inspired– and I would love to have one of those compost tumblers, too!  They are expensive, but look nice and seem like they’d be easy for quick composting.  And I know about those few remaining products– they seem to stick around.  Good luck with those resolutions, I mean, goals, Lisa!

You’ve got to love the psychological analysis of how we can change our behaviors over at Minimonos!  Kailia breaks down ways to get our brains to actually make a green change automatic, everyday, and a new normal that we can stick with.  The little tricks we play with our brains to remember specific actions that we want to achieve– such as taking out the compost, can help us remember more than if we simply write down a resolution or two at the beginning of each year. Now, if she could only help me to remember people’s names more easily!

Amber shares her ideas for simple goals to live more sustainably, and I couldn’t agree more (especially with her thoughts about cheese).  Amber– for those meatless meals, I just posted a recipe for butternut squash lasagna that was truly awesome, just ask my meat and potatoes father in law).

Micaela from Mindful Momma and the author of Practically Green, shares her lofty green goals for the year.  She’s taking on a greener car, home improvements, eating more raw foods and lessening her guilty pleasure of catalog ogling.  I am exhausted from just reading about all she plans to do. Go, Micaela!

And I love the resolution to make more messes! We all get so uptight about making messes– but they are essential to any real progress or creative fun, it seems.  For Anna of Green Talk, it’s gardening– and more power to her!  For me, I think it is the willingness to make messes by doing creative projects with our children.  Sometimes it just feels like such a commitment, fraught with massive prep and cleanup.  Anyway, Anna, thanks for the inspiration to make a few messes of my own.

And hoorah!  Diane from Big Green Purse chimed in. Her message?  Simplify in real and meaningful ways. Read about how she plans to do that with her green, personal and professional life.

Jennifer from the Green Phone Booth reminds us that resolutions can be useless, unless we are constantly looking for ways to improve and paying attention to our lives.  And her post inspires me to get my crockpot back out!

For the beautiful Lynn of Organic Mania, she resolves to use the same kind of group power of the Green Moms– to loose weight. She’s started a listserv and is motivated to lose some of that oh-so-hard to shed baby weight.  You can do it, Lynn!

Linda also shares her plan to lessen her ecological footprint and gives a link for how to do so.  That is something we all need to do!

And check out the reading list (and eco-resolutions) over at Erin’s blog, the  Conscious Shopper!  These look like great books that I would love to read too.

Sommer from the Green and Clean Mom reminds us of why it is so important to recycle.   No excuses!

And WOW, is Karen on a mission.  She’s got lots of ambitions for this year and they include tackling pesky plastic packaging in food (this is a goal of mine, too!), her old house, and the “want” demons (they follow me, too).  Go Karen!

In case you wanted to see true goal setting and utter inspiration, check out this post from Mrs. Green.  Her family is pledging to make NO WASTE in 2010! No joke!  I’ll be following her progress closely.

Beth from Fake Plastic Fish shares her whopping 3.7 lbs of waste from 2009 (a mere 4 percent of an average American’s yearly waste), what she learned, and what her goals are for 2010.  Go Beth! You are an inspiration to all of us.

Lisa shares the green books (by Green Moms authors!) she plans to read and review, and a few other great green resolutions for 2010 on the Retro Housewife Goes Green.

Here’s Deanna, from the Crunchy Chicken with her ideas for green resolutions– she’s got challenges planned, people, so get ready!

After reading these, I have a few more resolutions to add to my list. I told you they were inspirational!  Happy 2010, readers, and please add your resolutions to this post if you are so inspired.

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