Mamas: BPA Lobbyists are Targeting You!

In a very predictable but still frightening move, BPA and industry lobbyists and manufacturers are developing a PR and lobbying plan to combat all the negative press (and legislation) about BPA,or bisphenol A, in food and beverage packaging.

They just have that pesky problem that BPA has been linked to numerous cancers, hyperactivity, obesity, interference with chemotherapy treatments, heart disease, diabetes, and reproductive system problems.

In an internal meeting, reported by the Washington Post, companies such as Coca-Cola are joining with others in packaging industry to fight for the heart and soul of the debate–YOU.

Yes, young mothers with the purse strings in the family, it’s you they want. And they are willing to pay a very large sum for it. 500,000 bucks, to be exact.

According to the article, “The notes said the executives are particularly concerned about the views of young mothers, who often make purchasing decisions for households and who are most likely to be focused on health concerns.” Oh, yes. The power of mothers. Diane, of the Big Green Purse, isn’t this just what you mean?

They go even farther, suggesting what tactics might work to scare mothers into believing BPA is safe (no I didn’t make this up):

“Industry representatives weighed a range of ideas, including “using fear tactics [e.g. “Do you want to have access to baby food anymore?” as well as giving control back to consumers (e.g. you have a choice between the more expensive product that is frozen or fresh or foods packaged in cans) as ways to dissuade people from choosing BPA-free packaging,” the notes said.”

This is so offensive, on so many levels I don’t even know where to start. These companies are resorting to the lowest strategies and tactics to continue to sell their products, no matter the mounting research about the health consequences of exposure to BPA.

They want you. According the memo, is: “”Their ‘holy grail’ spokesperson would be a ‘pregnant young mother who would be willing to speak around the country about the benefits of BPA,‘ ” the notes said.” I’m sure they’d be able to pay her really well!

Remember this anytime to want to reach for a Coca-Cola product. And I’d love to know what other manufacturers attended this meeting. This might be the seed of another Green Mama activism action. I’ll keep you posted.

In the meantime, let’s ask new FDA Commissioner, Margret Hamburg, to end this mayhem once and for all, for the safety of children and families.

image: canned food by shooting brooklyn on flickr

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