Today Show Video on Radiation in Granite Countertops-

Here’s more information about radiation and radon that is sometimes found in granite countertops. We are making decisions right now about what countertops to put in our kitchen, and this certainly weighs into that decision. I also don’t want to support DuPont, the maker of Corian, because of their long record of fighting environmental health initiatives and not protecting their workers from exposures.

It seems that the only way to know if your countertops are truly safe is to ask if it has been tested before it is installed (many companies are running their own tests- even though we know this isn’t the best way to objectively test a product), and if it is already installed, get it tested if you are concerned (which there does seem reason to be-). I am always wary when I hear someone say to be concerned if you are pregnant or have young children in the house, as the health expert does in this clip. I think if that is the case, shouldn’t everyone be concerned?

It seems that kitchen counters are the most concerning (versus vanities), seeing as they are larger and therefore have more possibilities for radiation per square foot. And we all know how much time a family spends in the kitchen!

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