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Every parent knows the importance of your little one getting a good night’s sleep, both for your sanity and the health of your baby. Once your baby has outgrown their basinet or moses basket, it’s time to find something more permanent. But we understand that finding the best cot or cot bed for your baby can be rather daunting when faced by all the options out there.

The best cots and best cot beds are simple to assemble, safe for your child, practical, but also stylish . On top of all of this, you need a cot that fits in with your budget.

Finding the perfect bed for your baby, with all of the best features can be stressful.

But fear not, for we are here to answer all of your questions, and have compiled our top ten best cot beds available now in the UK. So, if you are on the search for the best cot bed for your baby – look no further.




  • Mattress Included
  • Easily converted to junior bed/day bed
  • Single handed drop-side
  • Teething rail on both sides


  • Made from natural pine wood
  • Comes with free aloe vera mattress
  • Large drawer


  • Lasts birth – 6 years
  • Extra comfort and support features


  • Easily convertible into junior bed up to 6 years
  • Protective teething rails


  • Pooh & friends colourful design
  • Converts into toddler bed,
  • Protective teething rails along both sides

Babymore Eva Sleigh Cot Bed

    • Suitable age: Birth-4 years
    • Mattress: Included
    • Mattress base positions: 3
    • Size: L137 x W66 x H100cm

Our first best cot bed is this sleek designed white (also available in grey and brown) cot, made of solid pine wood would be a great piece for any nursery. The cot bed is easily converted to a junior bed, lasting your child up until around four years old. It has a single handed drop-side allowing easy access to your child and features teething rails on either side for your baby to chew on.

An added bonus of the Babymore Eva cot bed is the added drawer on the runner, providing handy storage space. However, the drawer lacks a handle or gaps to easily hold onto, with some people finding it difficult to pull open, which may be something for you to consider.

One of the best things about this pick is that on Amazon it comes with the mattress included, so no need to worry about finding one elsewhere.

Features and Pros


Love For Sleep White Wooden Baby Cot

    • Suitable age: Birth-3 years
    • Mattress: Included
    • Mattress base positions: 3
    • Size: L124 x W65 x H90cm

The Love For Sleep baby cot is a classic contemporary cot bed made of natural solid pine, and it comes with a free foam mattress with a luxury aloe vera cover. Aloe vera has great calming and soothing qualities, and is completely safe for young children.

This bed is convertible into a toddler bed, suitable until your baby reaches about three, and its adjustable cot base has three possible height positions. It is also has a large drawer underneath for extra storage.

Features and Pros


Tutti Bambini Modena Nursery Cot Bed

    • Suitable age: Birth- 6 years
    • Mattress: Requires 70 x 140cm
    • Mattress base positions: 3
    • Size: L148 x W75 x H85cm

This cot bed is very easy to assemble and exclusively designed to provide extra comfort for your baby.

The Modena Nursery Cot Bed is suitable from birth to around 6 years, and converts from a baby bed into a junior bed and a sofa bed.

Unfortunately, this one does not come with a mattress included but the company recommend the best one for you to buy separately.

This cot bed has a contemporary design, with a wooden finish on either end and white detailing. The Modena Cot Bed does not have all round slats, but the closed wooden ends add a sleek aesthetic to the bed. It is available in pure oak, as well as white and oak.

Tutti Bambini is a family-run company, with children and parents’ needs in mind, making it an attractive choice for families.

Features and Pros


Tutti Bambini Katie Space Saver Sleigh Cot Bed

    • Suitable age: Birth- 4 years
    • Mattress: Requires 60 x 120cm
    • Mattress base positions: 3
    • Size: L138 x W67 x H102cm

This Space Saver Sleigh bed boasts the size of a baby cot with the features of a cot bed, adding to its practicality, fitting into any sized room.

Made of solid New Zealand Pine, the classic sleigh design is stylish and contemporary, as well as sturdy enough to last through your child’s early years. However, being on the smaller side, this bed is recommended for children up to approximately 4 years old.

It is a fixed-side cot bed, which may be preferable for some worried about safety, but not the best for someone looking for a side that drops down for easy baby access.

Features and Pros


Babylo Wooden Ella Cot Bed and Toddler Bed

babylo wooden baby cot

    • Suitable age: Birth- 6 years
    • Mattress: Requires 70 x 140cm
    • Mattress base positions: 3
    • Size: L146 x W76.5 x H86cm

The Babylo Ella Cot Bed has a contemporary design, and will last your child up to 6 years of age. It includes a protective teething rail on either side for your baby to chomp on, and with its 3 adjustable heights, is great for all your baby’s growing needs.

This cot unfortunately does not include under bed storage, but its classic and simple design makes it a top pick for us.

Features and Pros


Obaby Disney Winnie the Pooh and Friends Cot Bed

obaby disney cot bed white

    • Suitable age: Birth- 4 years
    • Mattress: Requires 70 x 140cm
    • Mattress base positions: 3
    • Size: L144 x W78 x H93cm

As well as the usual practical features, including three mattress heights and a teething rail, the selling point of this cot bed by Obaby is its gorgeous colourful Pooh & Friends design on the bed that your baby is sure to love. The design will follow your child throughout their growth and through the transition into a junior bed.

What’s more, is Obaby offers a 5 year guarantee on all their products, great for finance-conscious parents. Just make sure you register your cot within 28 days of purchase and you’re good to go!

Features and Pros


Obaby Stamford Sleigh Classic Cot Bed

Obaby stamford classic cot bed

    • Suitable age: Birth- 4 years
    • Mattress: Requires 70 x 140 cm
    • Mattress base positions: 3
    • Size: L154 x W76 x H91cm

Another Obaby number with a gorgeous classic design, this cot bed comes with a handy, practical, large under bed drawer.

The Obaby Stamford range boasts a combination of style, quality and practicality in its products, and if you like this cot bed you can buy matching furniture to go with it. What’s great about this simple design is that it will match any nursery and any nursery furniture that surrounds it.

Features and Pros


Tutti Bambini Roma Wooden Sleigh Cot Bed

    • Suitable age: Birth- 4 years
    • Mattress: Requires 70 x 140 cm
    • Mattress base positions: 3
    • Size: L154 x W76 x H91cm

Another Obaby number with a gorgeous classic design, this cot bed comes with a handy, practical, large under bed drawer.

The Obaby Stamford range boasts a combination of style, quality and practicality in its products, and if you like this cot bed you can buy matching furniture to go with it. What’s great about this simple design is that it will match any nursery and any nursery furniture that surrounds it.

Features and Pros


Babymore Eva Sleigh Cot Bed Dropside with Drawer

    • Suitable age: Birth- 4 years
    • Mattress: Requires 120 x 60cm
    • Mattress base positions: 3
    • Size: L137 x W66 x H100cm

The Babymore Eva cot bed includes a single handed drop-side for easy access to your baby, and is easily converted into a bed or stylish sofa for your child as they grow.

The slats running all the way round are great for visibility and ventilation, and the bed includes an under drawer for extra storage.

Features and Pros


MCC Grey Wooden Baby Cot Bed

    • Suitable age: Birth- 5 years
    • Mattress: Included
    • Mattress base positions: 2
    • Size: L126 x W66

Our final pick is this budget-friendly MCC cot which comes with a free aloe vera, water repellent mattress. Made with strong , organic New Zealand pine, this is a durable cot bed made to last.

In a gorgeous warm Orlando grey finish, this cot has a modern look to it. It has a useful drawer for extra storage space, and includes those super handy protective teething rails for your baby.

This company puts safety as its upmost priority so you can be sure of the safety and security of this cot.

Features and Pros


Should I get a Cot or Cot Bed?

The key difference between a cot and a cot bed is that cots are generally much smaller and built for younger babies, whereas cot beds can be converted into toddler beds to last your child into their early years. 

When deciding between a cot and a cot bed there are a few factors to consider. If this is your first baby, and you are planning on having more children, a cot for babies might be a solid investment, ready to be reused for your next baby. Additionally, if you are low on space, a cot would be the wiser choice as they tend to be on the smaller size.

However, a good cot bed is a worthy long-term investment for you and your baby, despite a sometimes higher price tag, as their convertibility means they can sometimes last your child up to 10 years old. Transitioning from a cot to a bed can be a big deal for your little one, so making the experience familiar, taking away the stress of change, will really lift a weight off your and their shoulders.

Choosing between a cot and cot bed ultimately comes down to your needs and preferences, just be sure to check which one you’re getting before you buy. All of our best picks are cot beds that are convertible into toddler beds.

Types of cot beds

Seen as your cot bed will most likely last your baby well into their early years, you really want to find one that you will continue to love the look of for years to come. You could go for a standard, fixed-sides, rectangular cot bed for your baby, but there are a few other products to pick from.


Drop-sided cot beds have one side rail that drops down for easy access to your baby. 

This can be a great feature for parents on the shorter side, or parents who want to avoid putting their back out when putting their baby in and out of the cot. 

In addition, having easier access to your baby in the cot means you’re less likely to awaken a sleeping baby with a bumpy entry into or out of bed. 

Depending on the mechanism, the drop-side can be operated with just one hand, perfect when you are holding your baby in the other.

Some worry about the safety of the drop-side, and it is banned in the USA, however the Baby Products Association (BPA) ensures that cots undergo rigorous testing to make sure they meet current safety regulations. Always check that the cot bed passes the UK or European safety standards, and give the mechanism a test before using it with your baby.

Sleigh Beds

Sleigh cots are classic cots with curved end panels, resembling a sleigh, and are usually slightly smaller than normal shaped beds. These look very stylish, and can be drop-sided or have fixed sides. They have all the same features as all other cots, so with these it’s really all about style and preference.

Cot beds with storage space

Some cots make use of the empty space underneath with drawers. This can be very handy if you are strapped for space, and need somewhere practical to store things like extra bedding or baby clothes. 

You can also find cots with in-built changing systems, whereby an easy baby changing mat can be placed on top of the cot as a handy space-saving feature.

Things to Consider

Bed Size

To find the best cot bed for you and your baby, it is important to think about your available space. If you are short of space, consider a cot, or a cot bed that is smaller in size. Be sure to always check dimensions and ensure your choice will fit in your home. With all of our picks, we have included dimensions to make your search that bit easier.

Adjustable Base Heights

Some cots have an adjustable feature with varied mattress heights by which you can  lower the bed as your baby grows, preventing your baby from being able to climb up and out of the cot. Considering how quickly little ones do grow and start trying to crawl out, this is a super useful feature for any parent.

The function is quite common, with the number of mattress heights varying from cot to cot. Most of our picks have three possible heights.

Bedding and Mattresses

Many cots do not come with a free cot mattress, so consider this extra cost in your budget when buying a cot.

The best, safest mattress for your baby should:

    • Carry the BSI number BS 1877-10,
    • Be firm,
    • Fit the cot properly with no gaps,
    • Be waterproof, or have a waterproof cover,
    • Have no rips or tears,
    • Not have any sagging. 

The Lullaby Trust do not recommend the use of pillows in your baby’s bed, which have been shown to increase the chance of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).  

The manufacturer of the cot will normally recommend the best mattress for you, but if you do want to find one for yourself just check the dimensions first.

Teething Rail

As babies grow, it is very common for them to chomp on the side of their bed. For this reason, the best babies cot will come with an inbuilt teething rail. This feature is great as it stops you having to worry about your child grinding down the paint of the cot and consuming something they shouldn’t.


Ensure to check whether the cot is made of solid wood or not. Many manufacturers use something called MDF, an engineered wood coating, which is cheaper than real wood. 

In addition, you want to pick something that will fit in with your style and the rest of the furniture in your bedroom/the nursery. Most cot beds will come in a range of colours and styles, ensuring they will fit in with the rest of your nursery furniture.

Cot-Top Changer

Some cot beds include an in-built baby changing unit, a great added feature that is both space-saving and very practical. Any parents will know the benefit of having a changing mat to fit perfectly and conveniently with little hassle in a practical spot. This also saves you the price of having to purchase a separate baby changing table.

All Round Slats

All cot beds are designed differently, and something you might want to think about is whether you want slats all the way around the cot. The benefits of all round slats include improved visibility of your baby from every angle, and increased ventilation to give your baby the best possible night’s rest.

Cots that have closed ends are still safe, and change the style of the bed giving it a different, contemporary design. It is up to you which design works best and sits well with you, just be sure to have an open side of the cot facing you so you can easily keep an eye on your baby.

How to Ensure Cot Safety

When on the search for the best cot for your baby, the most important factor is its safety. As much as we all want a cot that looks good, is practical and comfortable, ensuring your child’s safety is the number one priority. Here are some things you should check for and consider when looking for a cot for you baby:

    • Look for the BSI number BSEN 716, which ensures the bed meets UK safety standards.  Every cot sold in the UK must display this number and most will make it very easy to find.
    • Cot slats must be vertical, not horizontal, so your baby cannot use them to climb out. 
    • Slats must be strong, to avoid breakages that may harm the baby.
    • Cot frame should not bend or flex much.
    • Paint, materials and fabrics must be non-toxic and safety approved.
    • Space between the bars should measure less than 6.5cm to make sure the baby does not get stuck.
    • If you are buying second-hand, get hold of the original instructions, and undertake all of the same safety tests. Check for any breakages or signs of wear that might present a harm to your baby.

What Bedding do I need?

You will need to buy a separate mattress for most cot beds, so to get the best one make sure you get one of the right size, and one that is firm and waterproof. If the cot bed does come with a mattress, you may have to buy a mattress cover, so be sure to check what comes with your bed.

Avoid using soft or bulky bedding, and instead go for firmly tucked in sheets and blankets, or a baby sleep bag, to keep your baby snug and safe. 

You really do not want to overcrowd your baby’s bed, which could put them at risk of SIDS, so keeping it simple is the best way to go on the bedding front.

Where Should I Put My Cot?

As well as finding a practical and aesthetic spot for your baby’s cot bed, the best spot is one that will be safe and comfortable for your child. Should you keep the cot in your room or in the baby’s nursery? How warm should the baby’s room be?

Well, the Department of Health and the Lullaby Trust say “the safest place for your baby to sleep in the first 6 months is in a cot in your room”. Keeping your baby close to you, somewhere you can see and hear them and access them easily is important at the start of their lives, and the best option. 

However, as your baby grows older, it is safe, and often advisable, to let them sleep in their own bedroom, or nursery. It’s good to get your child used to sleeping in their own room from a young age.

As babies struggle to regulate their own body temperature, it’s best to keep their room at a temperature of 16-20 degrees. Their cot must not be kept next to a radiator, or in direct sunlight. 

Are Second-hand Cots Safe?

Understandably, in some cases buying a new cot and mattress is not possible. Although new is best, there are some checks you can do to make sure the second-hand cot and/or cot mattresses are safe for your baby. 

Ensure the mattress is still firm and flat with no rips or tears. Make sure the previous users had used a waterproof covering, and thoroughly clean that through before use. 

When buying or receiving a cot second-hand, get a copy of the original instructions and check that the cot meets current UK (or EU) standards. Examine the cot to make sure there are no breakages, and that the structure is solid. It should have all the same safety features and functions as a brand new cot. 

Unfortunately, it is not safe for your baby to use an antique cot, something that has been passed down your family, as it is unlikely to meet current safety standards. However, it is possible to find lovely vintage style cots brand new and second-hand that are safe. 

Final say

Although all of these have desirable features, and any would be a great choice for you and your baby, our best pick of the bunch is the Babymore Eva Sleigh Cot Bed with the inclusive mattress.

At the affordable price of £199, this cot bed really has everything. A sleek design and practical features, all round slats, single handed drop-side feature and extra space for storage, it has everything you could need from a cot bed. What’s more is you don’t have to worry about finding the best mattress, as this product comes with one, making it even better value for money.

If you’re looking for the best cot bed, stylish, safe and sturdy, to last your baby well into their early years, this might just be it.

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